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Since the Kickstarter campaign and thanks to all the support we have received since we started with Captain's log and the support we continue to receive day by day, we have decided to get involved and develop even more our love and passion for board games.

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Present is Future Games

Anastasio Martínez


Maria Alcaraz


What is Present Is Future Games (PIF Games):

The publishing house was born out of an outburst to bring to the table an idea, a project, a personal challenge due to the circumstances of the moment. All this happened because a bad experience would make my sister transform my whole future.

From this point on, life's circumstances pushed the idea of launching Captain's Log, from other projects that we fed back to my niece María Luisa, who told me: "Tito, I illustrate the game, do you dare to do it together? To my wife, María, who decided to layout and create all the components. And to my mother, who has always believed in me and continues to do so.

That said, a community was created around Captain's Log, which is growing and I have a team that keeps on growing, and that team is you. It will sound commercial, but I don't care; the community of Cwood (France) that considers me as one of them, the German translators who did it selflessly, the friends here present who keep sending me emails and putting up with me at night, and yes, even all the patrons of Captain's Log, without whom I could not have continued... I would have to put so many names that are part of this editorial that they would not fit, besides, knowing me, I'm sure I would skip more than one (I'm a mess).

Each one of these people has contributed their grain of sand believing in me, in my dream, from people who have offered economy, encouragement, ideas... I know and hope that you will identify with this message if you ever read it.

Present is Future Games is all of you, all of you who believed and still believe in me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life and being part of it. For me, PIF Games is you.

Present Is Future Games

Our Family

People who are and remain part of us

María Luisa Rufete



Robert Dugarte

3D Modeler


Jacobo Rufete

Designer and Public Relations


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